If you’ve ever said this to your dentist on your first visit, trust me you are not alone, if I had a dollar for every time somebody tells me that . . .

We all have heard the phrase “time heals everything” however sadly this does not apply to dentistry past experiences. It is not uncommon that we hear horrid stories from our patients about past dental experiences. Perhaps you have had, an unpleasant experience in the past, maybe you get flashbacks when you use to visit the dentist as a child. Vividly recall how not only you were held down, forced to open, worked without anaesthetic, but also, been told off when complaining when in discomfort, maybe this has even happened to you recently! With experiences and trauma like this, no wonder there are people that hate the dentist and avoid going to the dentist, until the pain becomes unbearable that forces you to ignore the fear of the dentist.

There are a number of people that say, “I don’t need to go to the dentist, because nothing hurts.” Just like time does not help you forget past dental experiences time does not heal dental illness, as a matter of fact the longer you avoid visiting the dentist there more likely it is for dental problems to arise and things that could have been a simple and straight forward fix can turn into potential complex procedures. Generally, by the time a tooth starts aching is no longer a quick simple fix, all of a sudden, the treatment has become complex, extensive and more expensive. Remember prevention rather than intervention!

Now imagen a dental visit completely different to past horrid dental experiences . . . . A dental visit where

  • You are in control and there aren’t any unpleasant surprises
  • All your concerns and needs are taken care of
  • Everyone listen and treats you as an individual
  • You are treated by a team of friendly and caring staff and dentist
  • All treatment is performed after testing that the tooth is numb, and no procedure is done until you are 100% numb.
  • People care for your comfort
  • Treatment is done efficiently so that you don’t spend hours with your mouth open
  • All options and cost are explained in a simple and easy way to understand so that you can make an informed decision of all your treatments
  • your choice and decision is respected and no treatment is forced upon you.

Can you picture a dental experience like that? Sound good, doesn’t it?

whether you are afraid or not, this is the type of service you should be receiving every time from your dentist.

We always take into consideration that you may have dental anxiety or fear, or that you have had dreadful experiences in the past. Our goal is to make your dental experience pleasurable, remarkable and rememberable. We love what we do and love changing people preconceive dental ideas.

So, if due to fear you have been avoiding the dentist, why not give us a try? And it is ok if you tell us “you hate the dentist” trust me, we will not be offended in any form or matter and we do not take it personal. On the contrary, we see this as an opportunity, an opportunity to try to convert you from a “hater” to a “fan” or “Lover”

We value our patients and our patients value us, but don’t take my word for it and come and see for yourself what makes us different and why our patients always return with a smile.