At some stage every day we think about what we are going to eat. Whether it’s to curb 3-o’clockitis or you’re trying to lose that extra bit of Christmas cheer gained over the holidays. But how often do we think about what we eat is doing to our teeth?  As a parent we want the best for our children and we are the ones that make the decision of what our children eat. Below are a few thoughts to why and how you can make healthier food decisions for yourself and little ones for a healthier smile.

  • Beware of hidden sugars! Frequent hits of sugar have a direct relationship with increased risk of tooth decay. Sometimes foods have loads of sugar that we wouldn’t expect to. These hidden foods can vary from tomato sauce, premade jar meals, flavoured milks, yogurt, biscuits, fruit-bars, isotonic drinks, vitamins, medications, protein shakes and juice. Be careful of ‘Lite’ or low-fat options as they usually have added sugar to make them tastier
  • Drink water! Not only is this great to keep us hydrated but it helps to wash food that may be trapped and dilute any acids on our teeth. Tap or filtered water (such as pura tap) is best as it contains a tiny amount of fluoride that strengthens the teeth. Generally speaking, nearly every drink that isn’t water has some negative effect on our teeth, with either elevated levels of sugar or acid
  • Moderation is key! We don’t have to cut out any particular foods groups but try to not eat a particular food (i.e. sugar) to excess. Just also be mindful placing restrictions could lead to eating disorders so variety is essential
  • Reading food labels helps however in some cases can be hard to understand what’s on them so here is an excellent website on how to read food labels and how it change what we buy from the supermarket. It also has a handy list of different names that are used for sugar
  • As much as we know and understand that eating healthy is vital for our body and teeth, we know from experience that getting kids to eat healthily can make wise food choices can be challenging at times. So we have put together some easy tips to help you out with the fussy eaters.

Fun easy tips on how to encourage Kids to Eat Healthy Food

  1. Get them involved! Let them help you prepare food and add ingredients. This gives them a sense of accomplishment and more likely to eat foods they may have previously turned their nose up to
  2. Go to the source or make your vegie patch. Children love seeing where the fruit and vegetables are grown and animals on farms, rather than the sterile supermarket
  3. Make healthy snacks available and let them choose
  4. Drink water, water, water! If there is nothing else to drink in the fridge, they WILL drink water!
  5. Be a role model and set a good example, kids learn everything by watching us so if you want them to eat healthy so should you!
  6. Don’t give up! Offer the same rejected food 10 different times to get them to try it. If they truly dislike a food make sure you still offer it 10x more to be sure!
  7. Teach healthy eating habits early. They’re never too young!

A well-balanced diet together with good oral hygiene and regular dental visit will help you keep you teeth for life and have a beautiful healthy smile. If you would like more information or have not seen the dentist for a while call us to book a consultation time.