You are in luck; we have the secret so you can enjoy your Easter chocolates without feeling guilty and damaging your teeth!

There’s nothing wrong with enjoying a good chocolate treat. Did you know that Chocolate also contains CBH (cocoa bean husk extract), a compound that, in recent research carried out in Japan, has been proven to strengthen enamel, another factor which can help reduce tooth decay. This benefit only comes from high quality chocolate. Cheap chocolate will be full of sugar and it’s this you want to avoid as its detrimental effects to oral health will outweigh any benefits that chocolate might have.

It is extremely important to ensure you don’t forget about your teeth and your family’s teeth this Easter. We all know that too much sugar isn’t just the causing source for poor oral health; it sets the tone for bad overall health and wellbeing. So, when buying your chocolate take the following into account:

  • Everything in moderation, don’t go crazy on the chocolate consumption! It’s easy at Easter to over-indulge and while a small treat is fine, overindulging on chocolate is definitely not healthy.
  • Stick to dark chocolate.
  • Look for the chocolate that is high in cocoa percentage.
  • Try raw chocolate (it is very yummy) you can find it in health stores and in some supermarkets.
  • Avoid or minimize milk chocolate and particularly white chocolate due to its high sugar content.
  • Remember to brush.
  • It should go without saying but make sure you remember to brush your teeth twice a day. If you have kids, it’s especially important to reiterate this to them at Easter time and school holidays.
  • Try to eat the chocolates after mealtimes as a dessert, this will reduce the risk of tooth decay.

Have a fabulous Easter; with your family and friends and remember to enjoy your chocolate – responsibly.

Dr Erika Guerra