If I am in pain, can I be seen today?

We endeavour to see any patient in pain on the day, however assessment of the severity of the situation will determine how soon the patient can be seen.

Are you accepting new patients to the practice & what is your availability?

Yes we do accept new patients, availability depending on urgency.

Do I need an appointment to discuss sleep services?

Yes, an appointment will be required to evaluate your conditions and weather further treatment or assessing is required.

Can we have records transferred (either way)?

Records can be transferred by email & xrays are they are digital, once a consent form is signed.

What aesthetics services do you offer?

We offer bleaching for whitening, cosmetic dentistry (veneers, orthodontics – referring).Various options available.

Do you have a hygienist?

We have two hygienists Jesse and Nikki.

Do we offer payment plans?

Generally payment on the day of treatment is required, however depending on the complexity or type of treatment such as orthodontics, we do offer payment plan options with DentiCare.

Do you accept the Medicare childrens benefit?

Yes, medicare do currently have a children benefit scheme in place, patient must have a letter from medicare to qualify for this.

Do you accept smile cards?

Yes we accept smile cards (fees are 15% cheaper than standard).

Are you preferred provider for any health fund ?

Yes, we are preferred providers for Bupa, HCF, Smile & Defence Health.

How often do I need see the Dentist or Dental Hygienist?

It is recommended to be seen by a Dental Practitioner every 6 months to prevent long term dental problems and to maintain optimum oral health.

Do we have Eftpos facilities?

We do have Eftpos facilities, also accept paywave & cash

Is there parking available on the premises?

Yes, we have parking at the front of the building, or at the rear for wheelchair access.

Can we make mouthguards for sport?

Yes – moulds are taken of the patient’s mouth & then they are sent to the lab. It is important to note that guards are made professionally for best protection & fit, some health funds will cover one per year for children (check health fund). The guards can be made in different colours – i.e. to match your team colours

Do we accept EDS forms?

Unfortunately, we do not currently accept EDS forms. There are other dentists in the area offering this facility.

Can we do implants and how much do they cost?

Yes, we do implants with the latest technology available, resulting in a predictable and fast recovery. Cost is determined depending on the complexity of each case.

What are our fees or costs for check-ups, cleans and/or fillings?

Dependent upon the patients Health Insurance & level of cover, we can provide quotes for check-ups, cleans & x-rays, once we have done the exam we can provide the patient with accurate costs & a full treatment plan for them to take to their health fund.

What are our opening hours & do we offer after hours services?

We are open Monday through Friday. After hours appointments are available Mondays, Tuesday, and Thursdays.