Fortunately, periodontal infection can now be detected and treated early! Periodontal infection is not curable but it is controllable. Each time you see the dentist or hygienist they will do a periodontal evaluation to detect early signs of this infection. With early detection of the infection it can be controlled non-surgically. If the infection has progressed, surgical intervention may be necessary to control it.

We are excited about our ability to detect this infection early and to be able to offer you non-surgical therapy.

The single most important factor in slowing or stopping the disease’s progression is the control of bacteria. This is often accomplished by the removal of plaque. We use the latest instruments and medications to reduce the bacteria levels and toxins to a point where your immune system can control the infection. We will also assist you with specific instructions on your home care, as your active participation with removal of bacteria at home is critical to the control of the infection.