1/   If I am in pain, can I be seen today?

We endeavour to see any patient in pain on the day, however assessment of the severity of the situation will determine how soon the patient can be seen.

2/ Are you preferred provider for any health fund ?

Yes, we are preferred providers for Bupa, HCF, Smile & Defence Health.

3/   Do you accept the Medicare childrens benefit?

Yes, medicare do currently have a children benefit scheme in place, patient must have a letter from medicare to qualify for this.

4/   Do you have a dental hygienist?

Yes – Jesse Trento and he is available Tuesdays & Wednesdays.

5/ How often do I need see the Dentist or Dental Hygienist?

It is recommended to be seen by a Dental Practitioner every 6 months to prevent long term dental problems and to maintain optimum oral health.

6/   Do you accept smile cards?

Yes we accept smile cards (fees are 15% cheaper than standard).

7/   Are you accepting new patients to the practice & what is your availability?

Yes we do accept new patients, availability depending on urgency.

8/   Is there parking available on the premises?

Yes we have parking at the front of the building, or at the rear for wheelchair access.

9/   Do we have Eftpos facilities?

We do have Eftpos facilities, also accept paywave & cash

10/   What are our opening hours & do we offer after hours services?

We are open Monday to Friday. After hours appointments are available Mondays  & Tuesdays

11/ What are our fees or costs for check-ups, cleans and/or fillings?

Dependent upon the patients Health Insurance & level of cover, we can provide quotes for check-ups, cleans & xrays, once we have done the exam we can provide the patient with accurate costs & a full treatment plan for them to take to their health fund.

12/ Do we offer payment plans?

Generally payment on the day of treatment is required.

13/ Do I need an appointment to discuss sleep services?

Yes, an appointment will be required to evaluate your conditions and weather further treatment or assessing is required.

14/ Can we have records transferred (either way)?

Records can be transferred by email & xrays are they are digital, once a consent form is signed.

15/ Can we do implants and how much do they cost?

Yes we can arrange appointments for implants (various stages between dentist & oral surgeon). Cost will be determined depending on the complexity of the case.

16/ Can we make mouthguards for sport?

Yes – moulds are taken of the patients mouth & then they are sent to the lab. It is important to note that guards are made professionally for best protection & fit, some health funds will cover one per year for children (check health fund). The guards can be made in different colours – i.e. to match your team colours

17/ What aesthetics services do you offer?

We offer bleaching for whitening, cosmetic dentistry  (veneers, orthodontics – referring).Various options available.

18/ Do we accept EDS forms?

Unfortunately we do not currently accept EDS forms. There are other dentists in the area offering this facility.