Baby Teeth & Issues That Can Arise

Babies who are put to bed with a bottle containing milk or juice can develop dental problems with their newly erupted baby teeth.

When liquids, including milk and juice, that have high concentrations of sugar are in constant contact with teeth for a long period of time. The sugars can cause tooth decay.

This can lead to a condition known as bottle mouth. Your baby’s teeth can develop cavities and become pitted or discoloured.


How To Prevent Baby Bottle Decay

Putting your baby to bed with a bottle is a good way to settle them for their nap. However during the night saliva production decreases, allowing the sugars to stay in contact with the teeth for longer.

If this is your only settling technique you can try to gently brush your child’s teeth, once they have finished their bottle.

Alternatively, substitute milk or juice for plain water.


Educating Parents On Baby Bottle Decay & Your Child’s Oral Health

Our aim is to provide a positive dental experience for children. this allows them to develop trust and confidence in going to the dentist. Making it normal, natural, and a fun thing to do.

We strongly believe that prevention is much better than cure. The most significant thing we can do for children is teach them how to prevent problems before they occur. By making sure dental hygiene is maintained.

We use all the knowledge and advances in preventative dentistry. To ensure that today’s children grow up with strong, healthy attractive teeth.


Do You Want To Have Your Baby Checked?

If your a new parent or a parent to be and would like to learn more. Then please give one of our lovely staff members a call. If needed you can make an appointment to have your child checked. 

This way we can give you any additional advice in the practice.

Baby Bottle Decay