Fissures are natural grooves in the grinding and biting surfaces of teeth, occurring in all teeth, but are more prominent in the first and second molars. They can be hard to clean and are more prone to developing cavities as food can become trapped within the deep narrow fissures.


A fissure sealant is a plastic material applied to the deep grooves / fissures of the molar teeth, which hardens and provides a protective barrier against plaque and other harmful substances.


We usually apply sealants to the first and second permanent molars and appropriate premolars if we feel your child is at risk of developing decay. Application of a fissure sealant is painless and non invasive. The sealant material is tooth coloured, and will be invisible on the tooth.


First molars will erupt around the age of 6, and second molars will erupt around the age of 12. These are your child’s ‘adult’ teeth, which they will keep for life, it is important to seal them as early as possible to protect the tooth and prevent decay